Jen Knox Yoga
Life brings with it obstacles, challenges to our very being. Remember to smile, to breath and learn every lesson that life will bring.

A little something about me...

I am a mother. I am passionate about the world we will leave to our young ones. I want my children to know and experience all the animals of this world.

 I am an activist. With all of the poaching and unnecessary killing; the depletion of our oceans; the destruction of our rainforests; it is imperative that we become aware of our actions.  Decide to take a stand and DO something to save / educate our world! Let’s create a revolution of educators to teach and share awareness.  Join me on this journey! Start by coming to class – for every action there is a reaction; one pebble can start a ripple.... It all starts with one... #yogirevolution 

I am a yoga teacher. I discovered yoga in 2001. It literally changed my life, opening a world of limitless possibility. I had never known such absolute peace and yet awareness. A true realization of how I personally affect this world. I began educating myself with every book I could get my hands on, every asana class that I could attend.  I am so excited by what I’ve learned and I want to share with you all that I have learned. I began teaching in 2006, influenced by many different styles of yoga, most heavily in the form of vinyasa and Ashtanga with its incredible strength and discipline. I am a 200 ERYT continuing to educate myself yearly at conferences and daily on my mat. I strongly believe that, through adversity, wisdom and magic happen.  With this in mind, I'm going to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone physically and mentally, to find comfort in the uncomfortable, to look beyond limits and find possibility. I do like to be on my hands, so prepare to view your world on another horizon. Why not have a little fun upside down?!! #upsidedownisbest

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